Important Things To Know About Ottoman Beds

However, ottoman bases are not limited to the world of mattresses. We have created this guide to help you avoid making the wrong choice and buying the wrong mattress base.

What is an Ottoman base for a bed?

An ottoman mattress base allows the platform top, where the mattress is, to be lifted up. This allows for more storage space than a 4-drawer divan base. As space is becoming more scarce in many homes, ottoman mattress bases have been increasing in popularity. Ottoman beds can store more items than a standard divan base. They are also less restrictive than some drawers, such as two-drawer models that allow for table tops. It’s a chest that houses the mattress. The lid can be lifted up to raise the mattress, allowing you to store items in the boxes of the bases.

What is the function of an Ottoman bed base?

An ottoman base is based on the principle that pistons, or more often gas struts, take the mattress’s weight on its rise and fall. Gas struts are used to lift and close the car’s boot. They prevent any sudden movements and crashing down of the mattress or lid. They are vital and ottoman bases wouldn’t function properly without them. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to lift them on your own. These struts are why hinged bases should not be used without them.

What are the advantages of an Ottoman base

Ottoman bed frame by Hugo & Sons offer more storage than traditional bed frames, divans or platform-top bed bases. These ottomans are often used in apartments, small bedrooms, and flats where a 4-drawer bed base is not an option. You can store spare bedding, especially if you have a winter and a summer tog duvet you want to swap out. You can also store towels, bedding, seasonal clothing, shoes, books, and boxes of keepsakes in them. They can store almost anything.

There are weight restrictions. You wouldn’t want to store heavy items there. Common sense would dictate the type of items that are suitable.

It is easy to see how you can store a variety of household items from bedding to books, boxes and other small objects out of sight and still be easily accessible.

What are the main points to consider when purchasing a mattress Ottoman bed base?

You should look for a solid construction method, just like with all mattress and beds. You should not be impressed by chipboard that has been glued together with weak joints, nails, or plastic tabs.

An Ottoman must be solidly constructed, as they will be lifting between 40 and 80kg for a quality kingsize mattress. A poorly or cheaply made Ottoman will collapse quickly.

When used with glides and castors, our John Ryan Ottomans measure 40cm from the floor.

Making sure the Ottoman is well made

A solid corner-jointed box is what you want, or two separate boxes in a Kingsize or larger. These boxes are made from veneered MDF which is extremely strong due to its layers. The layers are then lined with stitchbond or hessian underneath. You don’t want splinters to catch your items. Manufacturers use very thin, ghastly plastic coatings or recycled materials. Stitchbond is a thick, plastic-woven coating that is typically the minimum you should expect. However, some manufacturers use Hessian, which is more resilient and slightly breathable.

These are the specifications of our Ottomans:

All Ottoman bases have platform top bases

Ottomans are not spring-edged. This is due to product weight limitations. A sprung-edged divan is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a spring-edged mattress base. This gives the mattress a softer feel and can be found in almost all top-end mattresses. This is subjective, however it can be used to determine whether you prefer a spring-edged base or a solid platform top Ottoman.

Understanding the components of Ottomans

You can find a lot of cheaply imported mattresses bases at ‘bargain prices. You need to understand the exact components and what they are made of, just like in the world of mattress bases. Please be cautious if the descriptions are unclear or full of fluff,

Descriptions like’ luxuriously covered in luxury upholstery, with state-of-the-art gas hinges allowing you to store mass quantities of goods within your mattress ‘ should not be taken as meaningless. It is important to understand the construction method. Is this just chipboard?

It is important to understand the construction method. Is it solid wood? You need to know the type of upholstery and the stuffing, and finally the gas struts and pistons. If you have difficulty finding this information, or the seller isn’t available to you, we recommend that you look for a mattress manufacturer with a better reputation who will be able answer all your questions.

Explained: Ottoman gas struts and pistons

When buying an ottoman, the most important thing to check is whether or not there are gas struts. Similar to pocketsprings there is no standardised piston or gas strut. You will need to be aware of the weight tolerance for these struts. Some struts have a higher quality than others. This is evident at first glance. The more sophisticated gas struts or pistons will have solid brackets connecting them to the base with at minimum 2 screws, if not 4. They look sturdy and fit their purpose. In a kingsize mattress, there is a gas strut at each end of the base. There are also two hinged bases.

They may only have two struts, meaning that the mattress’s centre is not supported by cheaper manufacturers. This increases the risk of the struts failing or being damaged. We use 800Newton gas-struts. This refers to the force and weight that the struts are capable of taking and holding when they are in use.

Avoid spring hinges and plastic struts as they will not be strong enough to support the mattress’s weight. Safety is also important. If you use lightweight or cheaper struts, the mattress could fall backwards while you are accessing storage areas. Fingers, heads, and hands can be trapped. It is imperative that the struts fit the weight of the mattress.

How to determine if gas struts can lift your mattress

You need to know exactly how heavy your mattress is from the supplier before you buy an ottoman base. Each product has a list of all our mattress weights. We also provide a table with our mattress weights article that lists each model and its size.

Every set of struts and pistons should indicate from the supplier what weight range they will lift.

The gas struts can lift up to 85kg. There are four struts on each side of a base. Our struts can support heavy mattresses and are 800 newton.

If you select a lighter or cheaper strut, the mattress won’t lift or it will soon fail to support that load. It’s common to double-check the weight tolerances for ottomans that are cheaper or have flimsy springs. Otherwise, it could be costly.

We recommend that you leave if your supplier doesn’t give you the weight tolerance. This is crucial information for mattress bases.

Is it heavy for Ottomans to lift?

The Ottomans will need some strength to lift the mattress initially. After that, the gas struts will help raise the mattress. It is important that gas struts can support the mattress’ weight. We ask that you remember that quality mattresses are heavy due to the amount of upholstery fillings. A divan with drawers might be better if strength is an issue.

How can you stop your mattress from sliding off of an ottoman?

The problem with ottoman bases that are cheaper is the nonstick cover on the top of the mattress. The headboard can be crushed if the mattress is lifted up. This also means that the mattress could slide to one side or the other, causing damage to your bedside tables.

Our ottoman bases have a non-slip top covering that holds the mattress in its place. This is another innovation that distinguishes our products as we design our bases for functionality and design. It’s not what you want to have to fight again with a heavy, sliding mattress. The image below shows the non-slip mattress cover.

Can Ottoman bases work with zip-and-link mattresses?

In theory, ottoman bases could be used with z and ip & linking mattresses. You would not connect the lids with the fixing bolt, but only the bases with the clips. You could then lift each side separately. If you want to separate the sides for two guests beds, you can remove the clips.

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