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How to install Windows 11 now

Microsoft’s new operating systems are now available. You might want to know how to get the Windows 11 file and install it. To make sure you are ready to jump, take a look at the Windows 11 Review. There are many compelling reasons to upgrade, including a new start menu and Widgets. We also believe there is a strong focus on gaming.

Windows 11 can be downloaded for free if you have Windows 7 and newer. You don’t need to download a pirated copy, as it’s likely to be insufficient. Instead, you can use the free version to test out the new OS. It might be a good idea to wait to install Windows 11 for a while. There are always some kinks in any software launch, so it is important to address early issues and bugs quickly.

We know that there will always be hiccups with launching a new operating system. So we have created a guide on how to fix common Windows 11 issues.


Windows 11 Minimum system requirements

  • Processor 1 gigahertz(GHz) or faster using at least 2 cores on a 64-bit processor/SoC compatible
  • RAM: 4.5GB
  • Storage:64GB
  • System Firmware, UEFI Secure Boot Capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0
  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 and later with WDDM2.0 driver
  • Display 720p 8-bit color channels, minimum 9-inch diagonal
  • Internet Connection & Microsoft Account: Windows 11 Home needs an active internet connection and Microsoft Account to set up the operating system. This is also required when switching devices from Windows 11 Home to S-mode.

What are the key features?

You can still test the build if you are interested, even after you have read our overview.

Windows 11 now includes a more detailed Health-Check app that can suggest certain tasks to improve the life expectancy of your computer, regardless if it’s a laptop or a desktop.

Insider’s latest build now supports more than one monitor. This allows you to easily organize the taskbar and more snap layouts are available for portrait mode when using a touch display.

To ensure the most recent Windows 11 features and fixes, make sure you ‘Check For Updates’ every time a new build comes out.

How to Download Windows 11

Before you start, ensure your computer meets the Windows 11 minimum specifications. If it doesn’t, then back up your computer before you continue.

This means that your settings and files can be restored if something goes wrong.

Once you’re done, go to Microsoft’s Download Windows 11 page.

1. Upgrade the device that you are on

To download and install Windows 11, you need to first upgrade your device. Click ‘Download Now’ on the Download Windows 11 website.

Follow the steps to install Windows 11 on Windows 11.

2. Use a DVD or USB to install Windows 11 on another computer

You can install Windows 11 on another computer by clicking ‘Download Now’ under the section ‘Create Windows 11 Install Media’.

You will be able to download a tool to format your USB drive and then install the Windows 11 installation media. You can also use a blank DVD to accomplish this.

A USB drive should have at least 8GB of storage. It will erase any important files. If you are looking for the best USB drives, we have a list of our top picks.

To create a bootable USB/DVD, follow the instructions in the Media Creation Tool. After you have completed the process, insert the USB or DVD into the Windows 11-equipped PC and restart the device.

It may be necessary to force the computer to start from the USB or DVD that you have inserted. To do this, click on your manufacturer logo to bring up the boot menu. This is where the computer will be instructed to boot from its install disk instead of loading Windows.

Once the boot menu appears, select USB or DVD to choose your boot method, and then hit enter. Once the Windows 11 installer loads, you will be able to start your fresh installation.


3. Use an ISO to perform a clean installation of Windows 11

These steps will upgrade your Windows 10 computer to windows 11 asennus. If you prefer to install Windows 11 directly from scratch, however, you can download Windows 11 ISO.

Under ‘Select edition’ pick Windows 11. After the ISO has been downloaded, you will need to create a bootable USB/DVD with it.

For more information, please refer to our How to Download Windows 11 ISO guide.

How to download Windows 11 beta or Windows 11 Insider builds

Although the final Windows 11 version is now available for download, some may still wish to test out early Windows 11 Insider builds.

This is because Microsoft will continue updating Windows 11 over the next months and years just like Windows 10. It also means that if you signup for Windows 11 Insider Builds, you’ll have access to new features before anyone else.

Android apps finally arrive in the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. However, it looks like that feature won’t be available until 2022. This feature will be available to Windows 11 Insiders early enough to try it out.

This means that you shouldn’t sign up unless you are desperate to test out the new Windows 11 features. There may be bugs and issues. For a more stable experience, you should stick with Windows 11’s release version.

If you feel brave, here are the steps to download Windows 11 beta or Insider Builds.

1. Join the Windows Insider Program

Open the Settings app, click on Update & Security, then on Windows Insider Program.

Click ‘Get Started’ to register for the Windows Insider Program. Click ‘Link an Account’ to select your Microsoft Account. Then click ‘Continue.

2. Choose a Channel

People using the Dev Channel can access very early Windows 11 Insider builds. This channel is for app developers and allows them to access very early Windows 11 Insider builds. You should ensure that you are comfortable installing what will likely be a very early build of Windows 11.

The Beta Channel is also available. Although it’s not as early, it offers a more stable experience and early access to features.

There’s also the Release Preview Channel. This is the most popular version of Windows 11, but it has a few new features. Although this is the most stable version, it means that you will have to wait longer to try new features. However, it’s faster to obtain new features using this method than Windows 11.

For now, we recommend that you stick with Windows 11 as it is. If you want to test Windows 11, you can go to the “Pick your Insider Settings” page and select the channel that you would like to join. Then, click ‘Confirm”.

A second window will open with information about what to expect from this early build. Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm that you are willing to continue.

Then, restart your computer. You will then need to restart your computer.

3. Install the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build

After restarting, launch the Windows Update app. This can be done by entering “Windows Update” in the search bar on the taskbar.

It can also be opened by going to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update.

Click ‘Check for updates in the window that opens. You should see the Windows 11 Insider Preview version. Click on it to download it and then install it like a regular Windows 10 upgrade.

How to upgrade Windows 11 without TPM 2.0

Many people have discovered that their computer does not support TPM2.0. This is a physical chip that’s embedded in most modern computers. It is called a “secure cryptocurrency-processor”. It is intended to protect your computer from malicious software.

If your computer doesn’t support TPM2.0, you will get an error message saying that your system doesn’t meet Windows 11 requirements.

You can still install Windows 11 if this happens, but you should be confident about the risks involved.

It is a complicated process. Please read our How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Without TPM 2.0 Guide for more information, as well as a discussion of the potential risks.

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