How To Get More Instagram Likes The Easy Way?

The most important rules for attracting Instagram likes are self-evident: Be a household name or simply have a large following—and incorporate humorous prose to go with it.

However, a group of North Carolina State University researchers questioned what would happen if they ignored follower counts and creative remarks and just looked at the images: Is it possible for users to get more likes by uploading specific types of photos?

To try to address that issue, they created a computer algorithm that scanned 147,963 Instagram photographs, computed scores based on six key visual attributes that have been linked to high user engagement in prior studies, and then controlled for confounding variables (number of followers and the like). Their findings were released today in a report that could serve as a primer on the visual characteristics that photographs require in order to maximize buy instagram followers.

The end result is one of the most thorough examinations of Instagram photographs ever undertaken. “Simplicity is not key: Understanding firm-generated social media photos and customer liking,” the title of the report reads. As a type of yin-yang pair, the researchers eventually settled on two rules: Make a Goldilocks-style mix of light and color (not too little, nor too much), and make sure the image is either exceedingly basic or extremely complicated.

The article (whose entire text is paywalled) breaks down these six key qualities:

  • Color complexity: When it comes to the richness of the colors in an image, less is better when it comes to getting more likes.
  • Luminance entropy: The intensity of the image’s brightness—the higher the better!

Rather than cramming a lot of diverse things into one photo, try to keep the number of objects in the frame to a minimum.

Edge density refers to the ratio of edges to non-edges in a photograph, with the ideal image striking a near-perfect balance between the two.

Consider a gigantic flag flying in front of a windowed building—neither elaborate designs nor massive solid-colored backdrops will work.

Irregularity in the arrangement of objects: Visual clutter: In general, the less regular the visual, the higher the chances of getting more likes. Consider the difference between a brick wall and a graffiti-covered wall. Extreme minimalism might sometimes attract attention.

The feature most directly linked to producing more likes is asymmetry of object arrangement. The amount of symmetry in an image, both vertically and horizontally.

Fortunately, the authors add, Instagram’s AR designers have already done the hard part for you: “In practice, we discovered that applying the proper filter increased the amount of likes of any given image by roughly 3%.” Furthermore, according to our research, optimizing both feature and design complexity might increase consumer engagement by 19%.”

The team says their goal was to produce a software and data set that could be used “to guide decisions made by design professionals in the marketing sector,” but they’re also publishing the program’s source code. Bill Rand, executive director of the school’s Business Analytics Initiative and a coauthor of the report, admits, “It’s not in a user-friendly manner right now.” “However, I’m confident that the appropriate tech-savvy people could turn it into a useful tool for the industry.”

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