Greatest Switzerland Watches To Buy This Year

A luxury watch is considered the ultimate expression. This is a substantial investment in time, quality, and function. You get a product that will give you years of enjoyment. It is a significant life decision.

We have put together this ultimate guide to buying luxury watches. Everything you need to know about luxury watches, from how to keep them safe to how to take care of them.

Why one should be purchased

It is a socially acceptable accessory that can be worn by men, and also a way to show their personality. It is part of a woman’s jewellery or fashion ensemble. This requires equal consideration and expression. Many luxury watches can be considered art, and some people choose to wear them because they love the look of them. Some people are fascinated by the intricate inner-mechanics. There are many reasons to own a luxury watch.

Luxury watches are made by skilled artisans using better quality materials and go through a variety of quality control tests. This creates a lot of intrinsic value. First, it offers reliable precision and high quality build. Luxury watches, both quartz and mechanical, are more well-made and better controlled. They will generally last longer and provide better protection against damage than something less expensive.


A luxury watch can last several decades if it is properly maintained. You can check out the major watch auctions (Phillips and Christie’s, for example). This is evident when you look at the records of major watch auctions (Phillips, Christie’s, etc.). A watch is a symbol of affection and closeness when it is worn over many years or even decades. Because a luxury watch can withstand the test of time, it can be passed on to future generations. It can be a valuable heirloom, rite-of-passage or long-lasting memento.

Send the right message

Watches are always with you, or close to you, and more than your phone. You will probably wear it every day. A timepiece that is quality communicates self-respect. This message can often be carried forward to how you are perceived by others. A watch can reveal a lot about someone. Luxury watches can communicate individual taste and aesthetic appeal as well as wealth and dress etiquette.

See the section

In many cases, it is important to look the part. Watches made of luxury are highly respected and quickly spotted by those who appreciate finer details. Particularly when worn with fashionable clothing. They can be great conversation starters. Luxury watches communicate a love for the finer things of life. You can attract the right kind of attention from people who share your passion by owning one.

What should you do before heading to the boutique

Once you have decided to purchase a luxury watch, here are some things you need to do before you visit a Watches of Switzerland Boutique. These steps won’t take too long, but they will make sure your buying experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Decide your budget

Consider how much money you are willing to spend on your watch and what you want to get for it. Are you looking for a brand with more prestige or a watch that has more features? Look online to find out what options are available for you within your budget.

Think about where you will wear your new luxury watch

Are you buying this your first or third watch? Is it something you will wear every day, or for a special purpose? Different luxury watches can be used for different purposes. A dress protocol is a set of guidelines that determines which style is suitable for certain situations. Research is necessary to fully understand the differences and complexities. It is important to consider how each type of movement will perform in relation to your intended use.

Tradition Dame 7038

A world time function, for example, can be very useful for someone who travels to different countries or does business abroad. An elegant dress watch is appropriate for formal occasions. Some styles provide greater protection against damage and wear. You will also find higher levels of magnetic, corrosive and water resistance. These fall generally under the category of tool watches. Consider how big your watch is and what type of strap it will fit on your wrist. You can choose from leather, rubber, fabric, or a metal bracelet. Each has its own characteristics.

Watch enthusiasts appreciate mechanical calibres that preserve traditional clockwork technology more. But, there are some advantages to battery-powered quartz movements. Manual-winding watches need to be wound daily, while automatics need to be wound less often if they are worn every day. They will eventually stop working and need to be wound and reset again. Quartz is not as reliable as mechanical, but it does not require any input from the wearer. It doesn’t have to be reset (until the battery is changed).

Questions to Ask

Once you have made your decision, you can head to the store. Visit us in any of our Boutiques located in Canberra, Melbourne Sydney, Perth. Our friendly, professional staff can answer all your questions. We have some suggestions to help you get started.

Learn where it can be worn

This is mainly about the watch’s water resistance. This could be related to magnetic resistance, depending on what machinery you use. The watch’s 30m rating is for repelling rain and minor splashes around the water source. It is not recommended to use the watch in water sports like snorkelling, SCUBA, or deep-sea diving. The water resistance stated only applies to the case. If the bracelet or rubber strap are intended for diving or swimming, ensure that it is suitable.

Learn how to use the complications.

It’s not the worst thing to buy a complicated watch but not know how to use it. How do you adjust the setting of the watch? Or how do you read the chronograph or correct the year calendar? There may be times when adjustments cannot be made due to the engagement of the mechanism, depending on which complication. These important details can be provided by our experts so you can avoid damage to your luxury watch. Find out the power reserve of mechanical watches to determine how often the watch needs to be wound or worn. Don’t forget about the dangers of over-winding.

The IWC Portugieser Siderale Scafusia

What warranty period does it last?

Most reputable brands offer some type of warranty, but each one is different. EU law generally requires that the minimum warranty period be two years. This is the industry standard. Rolex offers a 5-year warranty starting in 2015.

What’s the after-sales process?

Find out what repairs and services are required. This will usually mean that the watch can be returned to the boutique. If you are buying a luxury watch while abroad, make sure to understand your options. While most repairs and servicing can be done on-site, in some cases the watch will need to be returned to the manufacturer.

Rolex watches at Watches of Switzerland

Why an authorized dealer is always the best option

Watches of Switzerland is proud that we are an official retailer of all brands offered in our boutiques. An official retailer offers many benefits. Below are a few to consider.

Authenticity & Buyer Protection

First, the product’s authenticity is guaranteed (along with any accompanying papers). This guarantees you will receive the warranty available and that your terms will be honored. A novice buyer might overlook the maintenance aspects of owning a luxury timepiece.

After-sale services

We are an official retailer and have direct connections with the brands. This allows us to order parts, arrange repairs and services, and ensure that warranty claims are handled smoothly. There are many brick-and-mortar locations that can help you resolve issues. Simply drop your watch off and wait for us to call.

A. Lange & Sohne

How do you care for your luxury watch

It’s time for you to bring your luxury watch home after you have purchased and paid for it. You want it to look as good as new for as long as you can. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Remember to use heat, water and magnets

Be aware of the limitations of your luxury watch. It may be too sensitive to water depths or pressures greater than the one it was designed for. As the gaskets in your watch deteriorate, so does its water resistance. This is especially true if the watch is regularly exposed to heat and water. Movement components can be damaged by heat, knocks, or abrupt temperature changes. Avoid heat sources in general, and hot water situations like a sauna or hot bath. (Steam can penetrate where cold water cannot. Avoiding magnetic fields in close proximity to your luxury watch can negatively impact its accuracy. Magnetism, unless anti-magnetic protection has been included, can cause your luxury watch to lose or gain time or even stop completely.

Keep It Clean

Clean your luxury watch regularly to remove dust and dirt. To prevent corrosion of metal parts, make sure to clean your luxury watch after it has been worn in salt water. To reach difficult-to-reach areas, such as between metal bracelet links, use a soft, damp cloth, a toothbrush and a cotton buds. Avoid getting the leather strap wet as it can cause damage. Avoid chemicals. Cleaning products and perfumes don’t go well with luxury watches.

Keep it up

It is important to keep mechanical movements running on a regular basis. Moving parts can become clogged up when oil dries. Your manual-winding luxury timepiece should be wound regularly. Don’t overwind your luxury watch – stop when the crown feels stiff. Automatics cannot be overwound, but they do require periodic winding depending on the activity. If you do decide to use a watchwinder, be careful not to over-wind the movement. Each automatic has a maximum number of revolutions, also known as turns per day (TPD).

Get it serviced

Your luxury watch should be serviced at least once every three to five year. The movement components must be cleaned and lubricants should be reapplied. Water resistance seals need to also been replaced. To ensure water tightness, make sure that the case has been professionally resealed. You should not open your luxury watch or attempt to modify it unless you are an expert watchmaker.

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