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Family Law in South Carolina: The Evolving Concepts Used by Our Family Court Lawyers

Family law cases are those who have a common-living relationship or have been in a domestic relationship. Family law in South Carolina typically involves the settlement of legal issues between people who are related by blood or marriage.

In today’s evolving world, “family law” can also include individuals who are in more casual or tenuous relationships than they were in the 1960s. Your local divorce lawyers will be more connected to the family courts in your area.

Evolutionary Concepts for Relationships and Parental Rights Obligations

Our family courts are often faced with child custody and support matters. No matter what the conflict or bitterness between the parents, the court will resolve it.

Judges will always rule on custody based upon the “best interests” of the child.

Parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. State statutes will determine the amount of support required in each case. A child support worksheet is a common tool in most states.

Many issues can arise in family law Greenville cases. Sometimes, paternity disputes are part of the litigation. An SC judge may order DNA testing if such claims are made. Your Greenville divorce attorney can file the Petition.

The family court judge can give legal and physical custody to one parent or, in other cases, these rights can be shared equally. Visitation and custody schedules are difficult in a mobile society such as ours. The family court judge will attempt to allow the child to be stable and avoid any disruptions to their lives and activities.

Another legal issue that might need to be addressed is the termination of parental rights for an absent or non-paying parent. Over the past two decades, there have been many LGBTQ and same-sex relationships. Although grandparent rights are limited in many cases, a grandchild might need to be legally adopted.

Modifications and other types of work

An annulment may be possible for spouses who have been married for less than a year. Clients in same-sex unions may have special rights. Our Greenville SC family lawyers have been handling all aspects of marital support, divorce, and child support for decades. We also handle marital property disputes in contested cases. Many litigants feel that the divorce lawyers closest to them have an advantage when it comes to handling SC family law disputes.

Some custody and support orders may need to be modified, especially after COVID-19. This is allowed by law, and divorce attorneys can help with those requests. Our family law attorneys are often involved in modification hearings and applications for modifications on behalf of our clients. This is also part of the divorce process.

The requesting party must show that their circumstances have changed since the original order was made. Changes in circumstances could include a parent with a mental illness, loss of employment, or moving.

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