Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Teenagers are most affected by smoking marijuana. People who smoke marijuana will have difficulties in interpersonal coping skills. Because marijuana chemicals affect their brains, they will have difficulty learning. It is commonly used as a gateway drug. A research by the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found that teenagers are more likely than ever to smoke marijuana eighty-five times, compared to taking cocaine.

Research also showed that 60% of teenagers will use cocaine after smoking marijuana.

The perception and judgment of a person affected by marijuana use will change. A person who has taken marijuana will be unable to operate any machinery. He will be unable to operate a vehicle. Driving a car while under the influence marijuana can increase your accident risk. Many young people are involved in car accidents and suffer serious injuries when they drive while high on marijuana. Casual sex is one of the most common causes of STD and marijuana. For at least 24 hours, marijuana can cause memory loss. An individual with marijuana will experience a faster heartbeat and anxiety. Although society minimizes the impact of smoking marijuana, it has such an important effect on daily life.

Hormone imbalance can be caused by marijuana. Hormone imbalance can cause a slower onset of puberty. Low sperm production will affect males. Females will experience irregular menstrual cycles. Babies born to pregnant women who smoke marijuana will have health issues. buy weed online The baby will be affected by the deformation caused by the chemicals in marijuana. A pregnant mother who smokes marijuana can also cause premature births. Children are at high risk of developing mental and physical delays.

You should not allow your child to smoke marijuana if you don’t want them to be handicapped. Smoking marijuana can have devastating effects. It is a mistake to smoke marijuana.

Patients suffering from glaucoma, AIDS and cancer often use marijuana as a pain reliever. Research has not shown that marijuana can reduce side effects as well as the approved medication. You should be able to recognize the side effects of smoking cannabis and make a decision to quit. Stopping smoking now is the best thing you can do to save your life. If you are feeling discouraged, you can always ask your friends for support. To stop having access to marijuana, you should get rid of it all. This will ensure that you don’t relapse.

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