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They’re as tough as nails and will thrash people for you!

Nobody will be beaten up by experienced bodyguards! A professional bodyguard or Close Protection Operator will always operate professionally, follow the rules of the nation in which he or she is working, and keep his or her client safe. The last thing a bodyguard wants to do, or should do, is stand and fight. A properly trained bodyguard will be able to read individuals and situations, will attempt to defuse a situation, and will remove you from it if necessary.

Untrained “hard guys” serve as bodyguards.

This is far from the case; before working as a bodyguard, all professional bodyguards must complete a series of training courses. These classes include everything from what to wear to etiquette, including how to deal with members of the Royal family, weapons training, first aid, restraint, unarmed fighting, and defensive driving, among other topics.

Every bodyguard employed in the United Kingdom must complete a Close Protection Course authorized by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). They must also undergo a DBS check to ensure that they do not have any criminal records.

Every bodyguard is armed.

In most European nations, hiring an armed bodyguard is not possible. Even in nations where it is feasible to hire an armed bodyguard on short notice, it cannot be done overnight. Providing armed protection may be a logistical nightmare; due diligence must be performed and permissions must frequently be secured.

Bodyguards are not police officers and do not have the authority to make arrests or operate outside of the rules of the nation in which they are working.

One bodyguard is plenty; he or she can also drive me!

No matter how talented a Close Protection Operator is, he or she cannot be everything to everyone. He or she cannot safely transport a client while still protecting the customer. A client may demand two bodyguards or a bodyguard plus a professionally trained (and licensed) driver if one Close Protection Operative is insufficient.

Bodyguards are eager to please but are not jacks of all crafts, therefore they must be professional and know their limits.

The bigger the better.

Just because someone is huge doesn’t guarantee they can protect you, are physically fit, or respond quickly. Someone who is overly large will often stick out and attract unwelcome attention. Being a professional bodyguard frequently entails being the “grey guy” and being unnoticed.

Is it important that they are ex-military or police officers?

Being a former military or police officer does not guarantee a competent bodyguard. Many firms, like residential security London, believe that the abilities and discipline learned and developed while serving in the military make for a more well-rounded operator. Most can work under pressure, alone or as part of a team, and have that “esprit de corps” that only the military can provide.

Bodyguards are all guys.

Not all bodyguards are male, and not all circumstances or customers necessitate the presence of a male lead bodyguard. Many Royals prefer a woman to lead the team because she makes a gentler initial impression, especially while the rest of the squad is hidden.

When dealing with young families, women are also a popular choice. Women appear to be more appealing to children. Children have the potential to pick up on fear in the house, which is something that is frequently overlooked; being professional means taking the appropriate attitude during what may be a terrible time.

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