5 Excellent Raid: Shadow Legends Tips and Tricks

This is a crucial matter because you have the ability to command an army full of world-saving heroes. Shadow Legends allows you to unlock new warriors and send them into battle. You can also strengthen them to defeat even stronger foes. Raid Shadow Legends allows you to create your own bastion and join a loyal clan, and take part in many reward-granting events. Our time with Raid Shadow Legends was very fruitful. We hope you take our advice and thank us when your journey to victory is complete!

These are the top 5 tips, tricks and cheats for Raid Shadow Legends.

1. Dominate the Battlefield!

* Raid Shadow Legends allows you to push yourself towards the heat of battle. There are five game modes available: Campaign, Dungeons and Factions Wars, Arena, Clan Boss, Clan Boss, Arena, and Clan Boss. You’ll spend most of your energy in the Campaign battle mode.

* To get the most rewards from the Campaign you must complete the Campaign Challenges for each stage you are playing through. You’ll be able to fill the Campaign Map’s rewards meter and unlock new goodies by achieving a perfect three star rating for every Campaign battle. Each Campaign Challenge requires that you enter battle with only two members of your party. Also, ensure that those two characters have two different affinity types.

* Before you log off,, make sure you take advantage of Multi-Battle before you leave. Pick a Campaign battle that you have completed with a perfect 3 star rating. Add five warriors you want to quickly level up, and you can use the 15 Multi-Battle options to complete the Campaign battle. This will allow you to quickly level up weaker champions, and gives you more characters to choose when you face the other battle modes. Rinse and repeat until the Multi-Option is fully refilled. This XP farming trick is also great for increasing your player level and unlocking more bastion features faster.

2. Use the Portal, Tavern and Sparring Pit to Unlock and Upgrade New Warriors

* You’ll be able to add more warriors to your party as you earn different types shards through the Portal. You should not use one-star ranked champions as anything other than sacrificial lambs to your higher-star-ranked party members. You can perform this exact action by using the Tavern.

RAID 101 This isn’t the first time you’ve noticed. RAID’s Mastery system allows each Champion to be equipped with unique talents and bonuses that allow them to focus on completely different things than the same Champions.

* As you start to gain more two-star heroes, you will need to strengthen them along with your higher-star-ranked champions. To make your three-star warriors stronger, you will need to sacrifice your two-star champions once you have more three-star heroes. As you progress in the game, your army should only contain three-star champions or better ranked ones.

* Make sure you use the Tavern’s character upgrading options to increase the effectiveness of your three star or higher-ranked champions. After completing a Campaign battle, or obtaining one through the Portal you can get a new champion. You should consider putting them to use in the Sparring Pit. The Sparring Pit offers passive upgrading opportunities that allow for the creation of a new champion without the need to actively participate in battles.

3. Make Sure All of Your Favorite Champions Have Gear of the Same Color Alignment Attached to Them

When equipping your champions with stat-boosting gear make sure that all six slots are filled with the same color alignment. All Artifacts that you attach to champions should be of the same type. This will give them a very beneficial gear set bonus.

Dungeons In Depth We are happy to report that both boxes have been checked! That is, a foreboding dark tower and a mighty fire-breathing…

* Your champions will need every help possible once they face the Dungeons challenge. This rewards you with amazing rewards such as character ascending potions and much better gear. Before you can take on the entire Dungeons ladder, you should have at most two three-star champions or higher. This strategy is also applicable to the difficult Faction Wars or Arena battles.

4. Unlock the Mine, Upgrade it Accordingly, Then Go Crazy With Gem Spending in the Shop

* The Raid: Shadow Legends’ form premium currency can be used to buy some very useful items in the shop. Although it might seem sensible to buy a Pile of Silver with your gems, you shouldn’t rush to shop. Gather 500 gems before you make any purchases. This will allow you to unlock the Mine.

Build Your Own Bastion We don’t know the answer, but we do believe it to be magic. We do know the benefits that the Gem Mine could bring to you. This episode highlights the Gem Mine and explains what is required to unlock and upgrade it as…

After you have done that, you can put your effort into upgrading the Mine to produce more gems over time. You can let the Mine do the work in the background to acquire more gems or purchase beneficial goods from Gem Shop. XP Boosts Shard Packs, Potion Packs and XP Boosts are all worth acquiring if you have the necessary gems.

5. Stay Abreast of All Your Missions, Quests, and Challenges

* You can earn rewards by playing the game as normal. Completing all kinds of Missions and Quests is one of the best ways you can do that. Once one of these main menu tabs has been completed, you will be notified with a red dots to let you know that a reward is on its way.

* Complete all daily quests before you log out for the day. This will ensure you get the most rewards. To reach a desired goal quickly and efficiently, you can use any one of the tabs listed here. To earn all the Playtime Rewards, log in every day.

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