2021 Android Apps for Security and Customization

These are the best Android security and customization apps

These are our favorite Android apps that allow you to customize your device and improve its security.

CalenTile – Calendar Quick Settings Tile


CalenTile is a simple and useful app. It creates a quick settings tile which will display your next event and the date. To view the entire event text or go to an entry in your calendar you can tap on the tile.

You can now see when and what your next calendar entry will be from any screen of your phone. Just swipe down to make it visible. This is a great alternative to a widget calendar for those who don’t want their home screens to be cluttered.

Although it’s not free, it’s still worth it.

Shortcut Manager


Shortcut manager allows you to customize your home screen by creating shortcuts to your favorite apps with names or images.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to change the name, it can be useful for apps that don’t display the full name as standard and make it difficult to find them. If you want to change the icon of an app, or if your home screen is being theme, it can be worthwhile.

Shortcut Manager allows you to create shortcuts to specific actions. These shortcuts can be customized with a name and an image, then added to your home screen.

We think Shortcut Manager is worth downloading, even if it’s only used once.

Clario: Security & privacy

Monthly or yearly subscription

Clario , an all-in-one privacy-security app that protects your web activity and keeps your passwords safe, is Clario .

There are six core focus areas in the app. Three of these tabs have their own tabs. Identity alerts you to any breach of passwords to your email accounts. In many cases, it also links to the site where you can change your password.

You can also activate a VPN by clicking ‘Browsing’. This will hide your browsing activity from your internet provider. It allows you to specify where you would like your web activity to appear from. This is useful for unblocking region-locked content.

You will also find a section called “Network”, which allows you to encrypt your data using VPN. This makes public Wi-Fi networks much safer.

These are the main tabs of the app. However, Clario can also protect your financial information by monitoring your debit and credit cards for potential breaches. It can also block malicious apps and safeguard your files.

Clario can be used on Mac and iOS as well as as a browser extension. The final benefit of Clario is that it can be installed on all devices. All can benefit from protection against ransomware or other intrusions.

You can also use the chat box at every screen to talk to human experts 24/7 if you have privacy or security concerns.

Although it’s a great service, it doesn’t come with all the features. There’s a free trial and you have the option to pay monthly or annually. You can also get a substantial launch discount that will last you a lifetime if Clario is purchased within the first month. It’s definitely worth looking into.

You will need to create an Account on Clario’s Website to be able use the app. However, we have been assured that the app will allow you to create an Account directly from the app.



Free and various IAPs

Cometin combines many Android apps into one. However, they all focus on improving and tweaking your Android experience. What does this mean? Cometin offers many modules that you can activate. Each module has a different function.

One, for example, gives you more control over the screen’s auto-rotation. It lets you enable full orientation, which allows you rotate the screen to 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees. Or force it to a particular orientation.

You can also activate an “Ambient Display” module that allows you to wave your phone over to show the time.

There are many other modules that can be used in addition to those listed above. More will likely be added over time. The majority of the content is free, but there are a few IAPs that allow you to activate more than five modules simultaneously.

Vivaldi Browser Beta

This Android app is not just for beta-testers. Vivaldi browser Beta an Android version Vivaldi web browser is a highly customizable and thoughtfully designed version.

You can use the Android version to access Speed Dial to quickly find your favorite sites every time you open a new tab. There is also a built-in notepad and the ability to switch search engines by simply typing the first letter of the name.

Vivaldi Browser Beta lets you sync bookmarks, notes and passwords across devices (using end to end encryption), private browsing, searchable descriptions for bookmarks, take screenshots of entire pages, change to dark mode and much more.

The layout may take some getting used to if you are used to Chrome, but the Android app is well-worth the effort.

Tor Browser

Tor is the most privacy-focused and secure web browser on desktop. Now you can download Tor Browser to Android.

Multi-layered encryption is used by the app. Your web traffic is relayed to and encrypted three times. It blocks trackers, prevents surveillance, and resists fingerprinting.

Although the Android app is a bit too big for most people, it is very user-friendly and based on Firefox v60. Tor is able to bypass regional restrictions, making it more secure than a VPN. It is also free to use.

MIUI-ify Notification Shade

No Charge + $2.49/PS1.99 IAP

Although phones are becoming larger, the hands are not. This can make it difficult to reach the notification shade as it is usually located at the top of your screen.

You can drag MIUIify Notification Shade to the bottom. But this is much more than a simple change of positions. You can also customize the color and look of the area by swiping over it to bring it up.

It works well and looks great doing it. The name may be a little clunky but in reality MIUI-ify Notification Shadow is a very useful tool.

Although the core Android app is available for free, many customization options will require a $2.49/PS1.99 IAP. This should be worth it if this app is to be used regularly.

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

No Charge + $0.99/PS0.69 IAP

Although live wallpapers are more expensive than static wallpapers, they can still look amazing. Betta Fish is one example.

This Android app allows you to have a betta (aka Siamese fighting fish), swim around your home screen. It has beautiful animations and lots detail. You can even make it interactive by allowing the fish to block your screen with a swipe or tap.

You get this much for free. However, for $0.99/PS0.69 IAP, you can change the background and colors, move the fish, disable the bubbles, and turn off the bubbles. If you like the results, we’d say it’s affordable enough to be worth it. But either way, you can transform your phone into a digital fish tank.

Abstruct Wallpapers in 4K

No Charge + $1.99/PS1.99 IAP

The official wallpaper app by the man behind the wallpapers on OnePlus phones. It includes both of those wallpapers as well as many other wallpapers he created.

There are more than 300 available at the time of writing, and all in 4K resolution. They are also stunning. They are, as the name implies, abstract. However, they are divided into galleries that are distinct from each other.

One shows real-world landscapes that look alien, while another is made of polygons.

Although many of these galleries are available for free, access to the entire Android app requires a one time payment of $1.99/PS1.99. Although it might seem strange to pay for wallpapers when there are so many of them online, these wallpapers are worth the cost – we have only ever spent $1.99/PS1.99.

App Tiles

App Tiles is a great way to access Android apps you already use.

This is done by allowing you to add a shortcut on your notification screen.

App Tiles allows you to assign up to six shortcuts to any app on your phone. This means that instead of returning to the home screen to launch an app, you can simply swipe and tap.

Although it won’t always work faster, especially if your home screen is already showing the relevant information, this gives you another way to access them and can save you time. Although it is not essential, it worked flawlessly in our tests. It’s also completely free so it’s worth looking into if you like the idea.


Resplash is an Android wallpaper app that uses content by Unsplash, a website that offers stock photos you can use for any purpose.

Resplash uses content from a well-known site. Resplash has an enormous library of images with more than 100,000 images. However, it is still possible to search for specific styles of photos by browsing by category or searching.

You can download images and set them as wallpaper. You can also save favorites so that you can find them easily again from any device. Resplash allows you to change the theme or the display method of images (e.g., as a list or grid).

You can choose the quality of your images, whether you are downloading them or setting them as wallpaper. There are options that range from ‘thumb to ‘raw. It’s free and easy to use. However, you can donate if you feel the app is worth supporting.


an Android app designed to help you keep your phone safe. It protects your phone from intrusions, whether they are hackers, viruses, or even nosy eyes.

This is done by assigning your device four scores. There are four scores: one for your device’s configuration, one to connect, one to apps, and one for the operating systems. Each score is a five-point scale, with higher scores indicating greater security.

You get more than a number. A breakdown of all factors that affected your score is also available, with the positives and negatives highlighted in green. You can tap on any one of these to get more information. If it’s a problem, you will be able to find help.

Keep in mind that SAFE might have different views on what is and isn’t a problem. It might flag Bluetooth or NFC as security issues. However, they can be useful and essential in certain circumstances. While you won’t necessarily want to fix all issues, SAFE can help highlight some problems and make your device safer.

Malwarebytes Security

Monthly Subscription: Free and Affordable @ $1.49/PS1.19

Although Android has many security features, it is important to be vigilant. You might consider adding Malwarebytes Safety to your Android application arsenal.

Malwarebytes scans your device for viruses and adware, as well as malware. It also provides proactive protection with ransomware shields and protection against phishing URLs using Chrome. Alerts are sent when there is a malicious link embedded in a text message and you can block unwanted calls.

Malwarebytes also offers a privacy audit that will show you in a glance which apps have what privileges.

The premium version has most of these features, but it costs $1.49/PS1.19/PS10.99 per year. However, you get a 30-day trial, and you can scan your phone and clean it with the free version.

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