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17 Tips For Choosing A Web Designer

It’s crucial to carefully choose a web designer if you own a small business. This is a strategic decision that will impact your business’s success. A good website can help you get more customers, while a poor one can cause them to lose potential customers. This decision and your website are crucial to your business’ success. It is important that you choose the right web designer. Who will do all the hard work to make your website shine?

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a web designer for your project.

What are the different types of website designers?

There is no official definition of it. Sometimes, you can get everything in one person/studio. Sometimes, however, the work is split among several specialists.

  • Website Designer helps you determine the layout, colors, text location, and graphics of your website based on your brand. He designs the navigation structure and links between pages. He may also be responsible for computer programming and graphic art or hire a graphic artist and programming specialist to do this work. The Website Designer acts as the project manager for your site design.
  • Website Developer- Takes the design from the Designer, and creates the code that makes the site work. She also oversees all technical aspects behind the scenes to ensure that your site functions properly for visitors.
  • Graphic Designer/Artist – Creates or selects the graphics for your site. This includes page layout, colors and logos, images, illustrations, and more. This person is the “visual artist” responsible for creating the brand image on your site.
  • A copywriter creates the content for your website. This person is a skilled writer and can create web copy that promotes your business.
  • Internet Marketing Specialist – Helps you determine the best way to market your website and to increase traffic to it.

Copywriting: A Note

Although a website designer may be able to help with text, don’t expect them to do so. You can either hire a professional copywriter or do your own copywriting.

These 6 Copywriting Tips for Non-Copywriters are from my blog. Check out my 3 Headlines Formulas blog post to help you write the best headlines possible for your website text.

A hybrid solution is possible: Get advice from a teacher or copywriting consultant about website copywriting principles, and then you can write the text. To ensure that the text is relevant to your target audience, have the consultant edit it.

Find the missing link and discover why small business owners don’t buy your consulting services.

What are the costs for a good designer?

Your choice of designer will depend on whether you prefer to work with someone locally or remotely via phone or videoconference.

Prices for a website redesign or new site are dependent on how complex the project is. For a simple site, expect to pay $2,000 and for complex sites to cost upwards of $10,000.

The majority of website designers’ fees are between $60/hour and $300/hour.

Here are some tips to help you determine the skills and quality of a web designer…

Here are 17 things you should consider when choosing a singapore website designer:

  • Pay attention to the amount of information they ask about your company. They should take the time to get to know your business, your audience and your marketing goals. They won’t be able to design a website that represents you, your brand and your business unless they take the time to get to know your company.
  • To see if their designs appeal to you, take a look at the sites they have created. Are there certain themes to all the sites? Or are their designs more flexible? Will they be able reflect your brand and your needs on your site? Are they using templates or cookie-cutter designs?
  • Ask them if the layout and graphic design were done by them or if the programming was done by them.
  • Can they recommend a graphic design company if they are unable to do the work?
  • Are they able to provide a systematic, structured planning process that guides you through each phase of the design process? Do they keep a record of all discussions and decisions? It is helpful for them to have a Website Planning Guide, which you can work together and that documents your decisions.
  • Ask them about search engine optimization and internet marketing. You want to make sure they create a website that supports your business and marketing goals. If it doesn’t generate revenue or prospects, a pretty website is useless.
  • Ask your designer about their fees and the estimated cost of the site. It is possible that they won’t be able give you an accurate estimate until you discuss the content of the site and the features. You can expect to pay between $80 and $200 per hour depending on your skill level and where they are located. For a basic business website, a quality website will cost between $2,500 and $5,000. Expect to pay more if you want to add a blog or newsletter, shopping cart and autoresponders, email address setups, SEO, membership sites, logo design, and/or additional pages.
  • Ask them how they plan to bill you. Ask them how often they will invoice you. Are you required to deposit money?
  • Be aware of whether or not they will try to stay within your budget. Or if they suggest new add-ons to increase the cost of your site. Your budget is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to keep within the agreed-upon limits.
  • Ask for testimonials from their clients to learn how easy the process was. It is important to have both good project management skills and good communication skills. They must listen and not only give advice. They must accept that you have decided not to take their advice, and not push for it. They must return your calls or emails promptly.
  • Ask them if they will manage your site once the design is complete. Also, ask how much they charge. Many designers are keen to create new websites but do not want to manage them. A virtual assistant (VA), which is a person who can manage your website for a lower hourly rate, if the VA is proficient in web programming, may be able help you. You can learn about the platforms and programming used on your site so that you can find someone who can help you with it.
  • Ask them if they can design the site for you so it can be easily maintained by business owners. A platform such as WordPress allows you to modify the text and some graphics.
  • Your contract should state that you have the copyright for the entire website. Stock photos and graphics are the property of the original photographer/artist. You should own all content, even graphics created by someone else.
  • Even if your website designer has registered it for you, make sure that you are the owner of your domain name.
  • Ask your designer for original, editable source files. It is important to know that your website will be editable by you or a designer.
  • It is important to have fun talking with designers and to enjoy working with them. Are you a fan of the designer? Are you confident that they will act ethically? Are you comfortable speaking with them? Are they focused on the task at hand or do they waste your time and ramble? Are you able to “click” with them? Are they able to offer valuable insight and advice on site design?
  • Ask prospective website designers what your deadline is, and if they are able to meet it. You may need to wait until you find the right website designer. Many talented web designers have already been booked for the next 4-6 week. You don’t need a deadline. Instead, you can brainstorm with your designer to set a realistic deadline. This is especially important if you are responsible for writing the website text.
  • Your business’ success depends on your website. You will be more likely to find a website designer who can do the job you need, is open to listening to your ideas, can design a site that reflects your business and fits within your timeframe and budget.
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